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FreeDMR Cymru is linked to the wider FreeDMR network.

You can connect your OpenSpot or Pi-Star to the FreeDMR Cymru server by selecting the 'FreeDMR_UnitedKingdom-CYMRU' server from the DMR Network drop-down list.

Our server address is

Details on using the FreeDMR Network including the 'Dial-a-TG' feature can be found on the FreeDMR UK website

If you would like to link a repeater to the FreeDMR network, contact us using the form on the Contact Us page or drop us a message on Telegram


FreeDMR Talkgroups

CountryTalk GroupsName
Belgium20612 Belgium-Waasland
Belgium20698 Belgium-Francophonie
Belarus 257 Belarus
Barbados 342 Barbados
Bangladesh 470 Bangladesh
Bahrain 426 Bahrain
Bahamas 364 Bahamas
Azerbaijan 400 Azerbaijan
Austria232 Austria
Australia505 Australia - National Calling
Australia5052 Australia - NSW
Australia5055 Australia - SA
Australia5056 Australia - WA
Australia50595 OZ-DMR Australia News & Chat
Australia50556 ANZEL EchoLink Network
Australia5051 Australia - ACT
Australia5053 Australia - VIC
Australia5054 Australia - QLD
Australia5057 Australia - TAS
Australia5058 Australia - NT
Australia5059 Australian - Ext Territories
Australia5050 Australia - Antarctic
Australia50500 Australia - Nets
Australia50501 Australia - Chat 1
Australia50502 Australia - Chat 2
Australia50503 Australia - Chat 3
Aruba 363 Aruba
Armenia 283 Armenia
Argentina722 Argentina
Argentina7225 *ARG DIGITAL* TG 7225 *
Argentina7223 Argentina Network
Argentina7220 Argentina Free
Antigua and Barbuda 344 Antigua and Barbuda
Anguilla365 Anguilla
Angola 631 Angola
Andorra 213 Andorra
American Samoa 544 American Samoa
Algeria 603 Algeria
Albania 276 Albania
Afghanistan 412 Afghanistan

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FreeDMR Servers Worldwide

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